NPK Fertilizers
NPK fertilizers provide the three kinds of fertilizers that are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These three nutrients make the soil highly enriched and ultimately get the higher production. 

Vermi Compost
Vermi compost is the kind of fertilizer made with the organic materials. The compost is prepared with earthworms that play an important role in making the soil fertile for better growth of plants.

Organic Fertilizers
The organic fertilizers are the fertilizers made with the plant and animal sources. The fertilizers have no chemicals involved and it is complete safe to use the fertilizer in moderate quantity. 

Mix Micronutrient
The mix micronutrient is widely used in the agricultural sector for fulfilling the soil demands. The micronutrients re released in the soil which helps in keeping the crop healthy and enhancing the flowers and fruits formation. 

Water Soluble
Water soluble fertilizers are made in a way that can be dissolved in the water. This helps in balancing the nutrients effectively and evenly. These provide significant positive results. 

Soil Conditioners
Soil conditioners are used in the farming sector for significantly enhancing the soil structure. The water holding capacity is enhanced. The conditioners help in circulation of the air for crops high quality.

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