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Nitrogen Fixation Bacteria

Fixes atmospheric nitrogen into ammonium, which can be easily used by plants
Fixes 20-25 kg of atmospheric nitrogen per hectare.
Secretes phytohormones which increases seed germination rate.
Produces antimicrobial substances and suppress pathogens.
Produces vitamins, amino acids and enzymes for plant growth.
Reduces the utilization cost of chemical nitrogen fertilizers


Nitrogen Fixation Bacteria is a free living nitrogen fixing bacteria
Total viable count: 1.0 x 108 cfu/ml (Min)

Dosage and application:

Seed Treatment: Prepare a solution of Jaggery and mix 5 ml biofertilizers and coat evenly on 1 kg of seeds.
Soil Application: Mix 1 liter of liquid bio fertilizer with 100-150 kg of organic fertilizer and apply to 1 acre of land.
Drip System: It can be used at a dose of 1 liter per acre.
Root Dipping: Mix 10 ml of liquid biofertilizer with 1 liters of water and dip the roots of seedling for 15–20 minutes before transplanting.
Foliar Spray: 10 ml per liter of water.
NOTE: Keep away from heat and direct sunlight. Store in a dry and cool place at or below 30°C. Do not use it in combination with chemical fertilizers/pesticides/herbicides.
Crops: Cereal Crops, Oilseeds Crops, Herbs, Fruits & Vegetables, Spices, Legumes, Orchards and Horticulture etc
Packing: 500 ML & 1 Ltr

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