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NPK Fertilizers

NPK fertilizers provide the three kinds of fertilizers that are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These three nutrients make the soil highly enriched and ultimately get the higher production.

Sulphate Fertilizer (Water Soluble)

Water soluble fertilizers are the specialized fertilizers that can be easily dissolved in the water and hence, the soil accepts the fertilizer simply. The fertilizers make it easy to control and balance the precise amount of nutrients. The fertilizers are soluble in water due to their feature of easily getting to break down. The water soluble nutrients lead to better yield production. The agricultural sector plays a significant role and variety of edible products are obtained from them. Hence, it is important to increase the production using these kinds of items, which have high effectiveness and can provide significant results.

Organic Fertilizers

The organic fertilizers are the fertilizers made with the plant and animal sources. The fertilizers have no chemicals involved and it is complete safe to use the fertilizer in moderate quantity.

Soil Conditioners

Soil conditioners are used in the farming sector for significantly enhancing the soil structure. The water holding capacity is enhanced. The conditioners help in circulation of the air for crops high quality.

Bentonite Granules

Buy from us packs of bentonite granules for use in soil to improve its fertility. The improved soil fertility often leads to healthy growth of plants and increased yield. When added to soil, these granules also help in retaining water and absorbing nutrients in a better way.

Other Products

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